Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PowerPoint in Less Than 5 Minutes

PowerPoint in less than 5 Minutes Part 1
PowerPoint in less than 5 Minutes Part 2

PowerPoint in Less Than 10 Minutes
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Mr. Viereck

PowerPoint in Less Than 10 Minutes
Step 1 Select a Slide Design
  • Format /Slide Design
  • Different Slide Designs Have Different Fonts and Font Sizes
Step 2 Make an Outline
  • Import your outline from any application
  • Or Type your outline directly into PowerPoint
  • To make a new slide press enter or return
  • To make a subtitle press return then tab
  • Press return to continue the next tab
Step 3 Format Text
  • Select the text
  • Justify
  • Change bullet or number type
  • Format / Bullets and Numbering
Step 4 Add Images and Organize
  • Drag images
  • Copy and Paste images
  • Organize text and images
Step 5 Select Preset Animation
  • Slide Show / Preset Animation
Step 6 Select Slide Transitions
  • Slide Show / Slide Transition
  • Apply to All
Step 7 Save your Presentation
  • File / Save As
  • Presentation .ppt
  • PowerPoint Show .pps
  • PowerPoint Package
  • Movie (Quicktime)
  • Web Page (HTML)

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PowerPoint in Less Than 5 Minutes


Here are three PowerPoint templates I used for Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


Jeopardy Template.ppt


5th Simple Number Sentences.ppt

I have downloaded PowerPoints from these additional sites as well:




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