Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Google Classroom Tutorials

Creating and Managing Classes
Here, teachers can learn how to create, navigate, and manage their classes in Classroom.

Classroom 101 for teachers 2:07
Introduction to the Classroom home screen 0:45
Creating a class 0:48
Introduction to the class page interface 3:00
Inviting students to a class 2:23
Removing students from a class 0:56
Joining a class 0:25
Inviting teachers to join a class 1:50
Creating custom themes 1:03
Archiving a class 1:22
Customize notifications 0:58

Creating Announcements, Assignments, and Questions
Create and manage activities for students to work with in Classroom.

Publishing announcements for a class 1:35
Schedule the posting of an announcement 1:07
Posting a draft announcement 1:20
Creating assignments 1:29
Adding attachments to assignments 3:36
Posting a draft assignment 1:18
Creating a question 3:51
Differentiating posts 0:57
Using Forms in Classroom 2:25

Managing Student Work
How to access, grade, and return student work.

Viewing the Work page 1:10
Viewing and commenting on assignments 2:52

Grading and returning assignments 4:27 

Managing the Class Stream
How to organize and manage announcements, assignments, and questions, on your main Classroom page

Controlling activity on your class stream 2:21
Move a post to the top 1:01
Reusing posts 1:31
Filtering your stream by topic 0:52 

Communicating with Students & Guardians
Learn how to communicate with members of your class through grade summaries, calendars, and email.
We do not have this capability!

Emailing students 1:11
Classroom summaries for guardians 1:52
Emailing guardians 0:51
Removing guardians from Classroom 0:52
Using the class calendar 1:41 

Classroom for Students
These lessons show students how to access their classes, communicate with their classes, and access assigned work.

Classroom 101 for students 1:55
Introduction to the Classroom home screen 0:43
Introduction to the class page interface 1:14
Joining a class 0:41
Sharing to the class stream 1:03
Viewing all assignments 1:17
Working on assignments 3:31
Working with questions 2:11
Filtering your stream by topic 0:46
Customize notifications 0:58 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Student Information - Focus

Create a customized list of your students information. 
Easily export this list to a spread sheet.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Workshop Evaluation

    First Name

    Last Name

    Blog URL



    How did you like this workshop?

    What suggestions do you have to improve this workshop?

    What other workshops would you like to have?

    Do you have any other questions or comments?

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    Collect Information using Google Spreadsheets

    Collect information from:

    • students,

    • parents,

    • friends,

    • co-workers

    • and others.

    Give tests.

    Fill out a registration form.

    Collect student information.

    Read the article below for more information.
    Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information

    Go to live form

    Teacher Test Published Document

    Below is the Teacher test sample posted to my blog.
    Teacher Test
    Below is a sample test that you can give students using Google Documents.
    What does the term blog stand for?
    Google documents are saved:
    Check all the ways you can save a PowerPoint.
    What do you think you can use PowerPoint for in your classroom?
    What do you use iGoogle for?
    powered by Google Docs
    Terms of Service - Additional Terms

    How to Use Google Docs for Assessment

    How to Use Google Docs for Assessment