Friday, March 7, 2008

2. Blogging

Get started using blogs for yourself or with your students.

Learn how to use blogger to create a weblog or blog (online journal). Blogs are simple web pages, made of short, informal and frequently updated posts. Instantly publish text and picture. Share with students and parents to get instant feedback.

The use of blogs in instructional settings is limited only by your imagination.

Options for instructors using blogs:

  • Post resources, lessons and homework.
  • Keep parents up to date.
  • Share ideas with other educators.
  • Content-related blog as professional practice
  • Networking and personal knowledge sharing
  • Instructional tips for students
  • Course announcements and readings
  • Annotated links
  • Knowledge management

Options for students using blogs in your courses include:

  • Share schoolwork with peers, parents and others.
  • Collaborate and get feedback.
  • Reflective or writing journals
  • Knowledge management
  • Assignment submission and review
  • Dialogue for group-work
  • E-portfolios
  • Share course-related resources

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